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Data annotation service that guarantees 100% quality of teacher data

Extract the true value of AI algorithms with the highest quality data annotation

Quality assurance
Comprehensive support
Data collection support
Security measures

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Do any of these problems sound familiar?


Low-quality training data

You want to outsource annotation tasks that require specialized knowledge to external sources, but you're concerned about the quality of the annotated data delivered in the end.


Concerns about security issues

You worry about data leaks when outsourcing annotation work to external cloud workers.


Lack of in-house machine learning engineers

You need support for both annotation and general AI development due to a shortage of machine learning engineers in your company.


Lack of training data

You want to develop a new AI system, but the project is hindered by a severe lack of training data.

Service Features



100% guarantee of teacher data quality

Labeling errors and resulting model inaccuracies in creating essential teacher data for AI systems have been problematic. We guarantee 100% quality in our annotated teacher data, ensuring you can rely on it with confidence.


Comprehensive support that goes beyond annotation

Leveraging our full-time annotators, machine learning engineers, and AI development experts, We offer extensive support beyond data annotation, including machine learning algorithm development, peripheral system creation, and ongoing maintenance and operation.

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High-quality annotation in a complete security system

Data annotation is often done through crowdsourcing services, both domestically and internationally. Nextremer performs the entire process at our Japan-based data center, ensuring high-quality training data within a robust security framework.


Simultaneous improvement of accuracy and asset accumulation by supporting data collection

If you lack original data for training, we can collect high-quality original data in various formats. This approach enhances model accuracy and enables in-house accumulation of valuable data.

 We are capable of dealing with state-of-the-art technology
to create synthetic data


~We achieve algorithm development even in areas where data collection is difficult.~


 Synthetic data is data newly generated by computer algorithms. With ten years of knowledge and technology, combined with Nextremer's cutting-edge services that use original and synthetic data complementarily, we create training datasets in areas where data collection is difficult due to confidentiality or privacy concerns. This service creates training datasets, develops AI algorithms,
and improves the accuracy of current AI models, even in areas where data collection is difficult
due to confidentiality and privacy concerns.

Random generation

Rule-based generation

AI algorithm generation

Simulation generation

Service Usage Flow

Step 1

Requirement definition

Our AI system development staff will carefully listen to your project outline. Together, we will determine the purpose of using the data, the amount of data required, and the delivery date.

Step 2


We will provide an estimate based mainly on three factors: the difficulty of the annotation, the amount of data required, and the environment in which the training data was created, as well as other factors such as the availability of data collection and the delivery date.

Step 3


You will select your preferred plan based on a comprehensive evaluation of the data annotation samples, requirement definition, and quotation details, and we will conclude a partnership agreement.

Step 4

Data collection (Optional)

Depending on the issues and objectives identified in the preliminary interviews, we will determine the data format and collection span. Together, we will check the quality of the original data while collecting data regularly.

Step 5

Data annotation

We will create training data from existing or newly collected data. As with data collection, we will also periodically check the quality of the training data together.

Step 6


The contract ends once we have completed the delivery of all training data, but you can renew voluntarily. Depending on the plan, we may provide support for the practical application of the AI system.

Reliable data annotation service that guarantees
100% quality of teacher data

We guarantee the superior quality of the final dataset delivered through our data annotation services.
This is because we do not outsource any work to cloud workers, which is common in the industry,
but instead, have our employees in Japan work throughout the entire process to ensure complete quality control.

In addition, our consistent system of employees in Japan is superior not only in quality control
but also in security and information management, and we thoroughly ensure that your confidential information is not leaked to outside parties.
If you have any questions about "creating the highest quality teacher data," annotation, or AI system development,
please use the inquiry form below to contact us for a free consultation.

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