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Automate operations and add value to your services by developing interactive systems, analyzing, and automatically generating documents


Analyze inquiries

Analyze internal documents

Extract specific characters

Build chatbots

Analyze thesis

Classify documents



Nx-Talk is a service for companies that want to build their dialogue systems, models, and chatbots to meet individual customer issues. We also design solutions to meet your objectives, such as document analysis and generation, sentiment analysis, and general-purpose remote customer service products.

What We Offer


AI Chatbot

A system that returns responses to information entered.

Sentiment analysis

Analyzes text data input by humans and determine emotions based on words and phrases in sentences.

Text Mining

Extracts information from large amounts of text data.

Sentence summarization / sentence generation

Analyzes text and generates summary sentences by extracting keywords and using other phrases to create different sentences.

Organizing and classification of
document information

Analyzes entire sentences, classifies and organizes information (dates, addresses, proper nouns, etc.), and enables automatic collection and input.

Our Strengths

AI development that doesn't end with PoC

We do not end with delivering deliverables but support the full implementation of AI by designing the entire performance and operation of AI with the client's final goals in mind.


Our dedicated team ensures quality

Our small, elite team dedicated to annotation prepares high-quality teacher data through consultation with customers and ensures the accuracy of the AI system through thorough quality control.


As a customer's companion

Specialists in the data science and engineering fields will accompany and support you as your partner throughout the entire process, from implementation to operation and maintenance.



Tourist information DX system for public transportation and facilities

The chatbot responds to the user's question in the first instance, and if it can’t solve the question, users can make a video call with a staff member standing by remotely. This service solves issues such as inbound support for the Corona Disaster and other safe and secure guidance services.



Introduce multilingual guidance systems in public transportation and tourist destinations

Installs multilingual information systems at tourist attractions and public transportation facilities. Chatbots and remote customer service systems will be used to improve user convenience.


Build models to extract multiple relationships from documents

Validates the function to crop human regions from human images. This function can be used for image processing in cameras and smartphone applications.


Develop extractive reading AI technology to automate knowledge acquisition from the textual information

Analyzes images and videos from monocular and binocular cameras to estimate the distance from the camera to the object.

In addition to the above, we have experience with various industries, the public sector, and universities.
Please contact us for more details.

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Our Services


AI numerical analysis to predict
and quantify future events


Image Recognition Technology
for All Business Scenes

Data Annotation

Produce the highest quality training data