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Increase productivity and reduce costs by predicting and quantifying future events through AI numerical analysis


Property prediction

Demand forecasting

Control of the environment

Optimal production planning

Prediction of system failures



Nx-Analysis is a service for companies that want to use AI to solve complex problems, such as predicting or quantifying specific events that will occur in the future from all kinds of accumulated data. Many industries use AI, including personnel evaluation, yield prediction of agricultural products, and the medical field to determine the risk of disease in the future based on the results of health checkups.

Application Examples


Predict disease onset

Enables the prediction of the risk of developing certain diseases based on the results of health checkups to help maintain and promote good health.

Assist financial institutions in making credit decisions

Visualizes risks and other factors based on data held by financial institutions, enabling them to improve the efficiency of their loan decision-making operations.

Agricultural Yield Prediction

Predicts future yields based on information from weather data, such as sunshine hours and rainfall and image and video data.

Demand forecasting for products

Optimizes the number of inventories by forecasting the demand for goods based on historical purchasing data.

Our Strengths

AI development that doesn't end with PoC

We do not end with delivering deliverables but support the full implementation of AI by designing the entire performance and operation of AI with the client's final goals in mind.


Our dedicated team ensures quality

Our small, elite team dedicated to annotation prepares high-quality teacher data through consultation with customers and ensures the accuracy of the AI system through thorough quality control.


As a customer's companion

Specialists in the data science and engineering fields will accompany and support you as your partner throughout the entire process, from implementation to operation and maintenance.




Agricultural product shipment forecasts

Utilizes machine learning calculates future forecast shipment volumes based on historical shipment volume data and weather data for agricultural products.

In addition to the above, we have experience with various industries, the public sector, and universities.
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