Scale up Human Ability

We Create New Social Value through Collaboration with AI.

AI technology should not SCARE, but SCALE-UP human Ability. At Nextremer, that is our belief.

Are you scared of AI because of its potential to take away your job? We want to help you visualise the benefits of Artificial Intelligence as a tool to create new ways of working.

Nextremer’s mission is to build an innovative society, where changes brought by technologies create innovative working styles and business opportunities for everyone. We want to enable us, humans, to pursue our creativity to a whole new level.


Name: Nextremer Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director, CEO Hisahiro Mukai / COO Taichi Takahashi
Established: October 2012:
Our Business:
  • Research and Development of AI Dialogue System
  • Open Innovation Services
  • Tokyo HQ
    Tosei Taijuseimei BLD. 7th Floor/10th Floor 1-30-13 Narimasu, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, 175-0094 Japan MAPlaunch
  • Kochi AI Lab
    Nangoku Office Park Center 3rd Floor 1-1-1 Hotarugaoka, Nangoku-shi, Kochi, 783-0060 Japan  MAPlaunch
Affiliated Company:
Worldwide Network: Coming Soon…
Membership Organization: The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative



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