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​Our Strength

 1. Highly specialized technical skills in the field of AI and machine learning
We provide high-quality service through the close collaboration of machine learning engineers who have a wealth of knowledge about AI algorithms and engineers who have a wealth of experience in developing AI peripheral systems. Our technological prowess is proven by the fact that we continuously provide AI-related services and solutions to leading-edge major companies representing a variety of industries.

 2. High-quality AI algorithm development at low cost and short delivery time 
The quality of data annotation is critical in AI algorithm development. However, often the process is carried out by specialized companies. But at Nextremer, we perform all of these processes in-house. Since we create training data in collaboration with machine learning engineers, we can build algorithms in a short delivery time while reducing extra work and costs. Also, the quality of training data in the AI algorithm is very important, which greatly affects the accuracy of AI. We have more than 4 years of experience in creating high-quality data, and we can create effective and efficient data that contributes to high-quality AI.

 3. Providing solutions to various industries 
We have a solid track record of providing solutions to a large number of customers, including major companies representing various industries, government agencies, and educational institutions such as universities. Based on our diverse experience, we provide solutions that meet the challenges of our customers.

​Our Solution

Enable speedy development and reduces extra costs by In-house data processing, which is essential for AI algorithm development.

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Technical Areas


List of Cases

Natural language processing case

Creation of a CSR report evaluation model and text data for evaluation

Natural language processing case

Creation of relationship extraction model and learning data based on internationally standardized data in the pharmaceutical field

Natural language processing case

Creation of utterance classification model for dialog system and utterance data for learning

Natural language processing case

Comparison and verification of multiple utterance classification models and creation of utterance data for learning

Image recognition case

Creation of a person segmentation models and segmentation data for learning

Image recognition case

Creation of posture estimation and a person authentication models for the analysis of factory line works and creation of learning data

AI Solution
About Us